Hypersonic rocket


Russia develops missiles for the MiG-31 and MiG-41, designed to intercept hypersonic targets

Russia began developing aircraft missiles designed to intercept hypersonic targets.

MiG-31 fighters and promising MiG-41 interceptor fighters will receive unique missiles designed to intercept hypersonic targets. We are talking mainly about tactical hypersonic missiles, which will soon enter service with the United States. The development by the Russian military of means of interception will give a very serious advantage over the United States. Information on this matter was presented by the military-analytical publication "The National Interest".

“Russia is developing new protection against hypersonic missiles: MiG fighters will be armed with long-range missiles with multiple warheads. But how feasible this concept is remains to be seen. The use of multiple warheads for missile defense is particularly interesting. Russia seems to envision a single missile that will fire multiple sub-missiles. They will intercept hypersonic weapons that move faster than MAX 5. Most likely, if the Russian MiG-based hypersonic defense works, it will work against tactical hypersonic missiles, not ICBMs. ", - said in the material "The National Interest".

It is known that the Russian military has already really developed aviation hypersonic missiles designed to destroy air targets, which does not exclude the possibility that they will be used to intercept hypersonic missiles, however, judging by the US data, we are talking about slightly different means interception.

You are too categorical. Although, if S.P. Invincible (whom I had the honor to know) saw how his Iskander, painted with white paint, was called a supersonic Dagger and hung up to the MiG, he would not have found a single censorship word.

Rockets are not weapons, they are weapons carriers, so installing them on other, less advanced weapons carriers like airplanes is not a tautology, it is engineering ignorance.



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