Russia has developed a missile capable of destroying the infrastructure of a military airfield with one blow

The Russian military has created a missile capable of knocking out entire air bases.

The Russian holding Tekhnodinamika will demonstrate for the first time at MAKS-2021 an unguided aircraft S-13B missile of increased efficiency. Its key feature is the ability to inflict powerful damage to various structures, installations and military facilities, in particular, according to representatives of the Rostec corporation, one such missile is easily capable of destroying up to 20 square meters of a runway, in fact, knocking out an entire airbase. ...

Technodinamika will demonstrate for the first time at MAKS-2021 an unguided aircraft S-13B missile of increased efficiency. The main task of the missile is to destroy both vulnerable equipment and military equipment in reinforced concrete shelters. S-13B is capable of piercing through and through up to 6 meters of soil or one meter of reinforced concrete, covered with soil to a thickness of 2-3 meters. The missile can destroy up to 20 square meters of the runway ", - the corporation "Rostec" informs.

Given the fact that dozens of such missiles can be fired at enemy targets, the latter could lose its key military air bases in just a few minutes.

The technical characteristics of the newest S-13B missile have not yet been announced, however, apparently, they will be presented at the international air show.


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