Russia allows Iran to launch missile strikes using its military satellites

Iran was able to use Russian military satellites to launch missile strikes.

Against the background of how Israel completely ignored Russia's warnings about the inadmissibility of striking Russian allies in Syria, and we are talking mainly about Iran, it became known that the Iranian military was granted the exclusive right to use Russian military spacecraft to deliver cruise strikes. and ballistic missiles.

According to information available to the news agency, a few days ago, the Iranian military visited Russia on a kind of visit, during which, apparently, agreements were reached on the use of Russian spacecraft by the Iranian military, although official comments from the Russian defense there is no department on this score yet.

Moreover, according to Soha, the Russian military was also invited to Iran to train local military personnel to work with spacecraft, most likely Russian-made.

“More recently, earlier this year, Russian experts also visited Iran to help train the Iranian military in satellite operations from a newly built facility near the city of Karaj in northern Iran. If fully implemented, the deal with Russia will be a significant step forward for the Iranian armed forces, which are struggling to put military observation satellites into orbit. According to the materials, the new Iranian satellite will be launched in Russia and equipped with equipment supplied by Russia, including a camera with a resolution of 1,2 meters, which significantly exceeds the current capabilities of Iran, despite the fact that the quality is still much lower than that of American spy satellites. ", - reports the publication "Soha".

Experts note that thanks to the use of Russian satellites, Iran will be able to deliver precise missile strikes against any targets within the range of its weapons.