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Russia allowed Syria to shoot down Turkish planes without warning the S-300 air defense system

Any attempt by the Turkish Air Force to appear over Syria will be instantly suppressed by the S-300.

The provocative statements of the Turkish leader that any aircraft in the sky above Idlib and Aleppo will be destroyed, forced Syria to obtain from Russia the right to defeat Turkish combat aircraft using air defense systems, trying to invade the country's airspace, including using C- 300.

Officially, such information is not confirmed, however, given the fact that the Turkish Air Force fighters have already attempted to strike at the positions of the SAA, without warning the Russian side, as well as with the use of aggression against Russian combat aircraft, there was information that Russia granted the Syrian military the right to use air defense systems against Turkish aviation - the only condition should be the mandatory entry of Turkish combat aircraft into Syrian airspace.

Given the fact that the Syrian S-300 air defense systems are located relatively close to the Turkish borders, official Damascus can indeed begin to use air defense systems to destroy any Turkish combat aircraft, at least as a response to the destruction of the Syrian air force helicopter.

“Erdogan understands only hard power. One Turkish plane should be shot down, and we can say with confidence that others will no longer approach the Syrian borders. ”, - the expert comments.