Tanks in Tajikistan


Russia has deployed dozens of tanks on the border with Afghanistan

Russia sent a powerful message to the Taliban, hinting at their destruction.

After information appeared that the Taliban intended to stage provocations on the borders of neighboring states, the Russian military transferred dozens of T-72 tanks to the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan. According to the information and news agency Avia.pro, Russian tanks and armored vehicles of the Tajik Armed Forces are currently deployed about 10-12 kilometers from the Afghan border. Here, by the way, there are also several hundred Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - editor's note), although the militants themselves do not undertake any provocations.

As it was found out, the deployment of Russian tanks on the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan is associated with the ongoing exercises, within the framework of which, nevertheless, countering Taliban terrorists is being worked out. Strengthening the Afghan-Tajik border is a powerful signal to the Taliban.

“Russia and Tajikistan are showing the Taliban their readiness to use the full power of their armies. If the terrorists try to arrange a provocation or try to break into the territory of Tajikistan, the militants have no real chances. In the event of an attack on a Russian ally in the CSTO, the losses of militants in the first hours will be in the thousands. Nobody will negotiate with them ", - the expert marks.

Earlier it became known that, if necessary, Russia will use long-range Tu-22M3 bombers against Taliban terrorists.

Where are the terrorists?

There were also Putin's words that we do not come to an agreement with the terrorists. Have you tried it? How? High? You cannot negotiate with the Masulman. Deceived



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