Russia deployed armored vehicles and helicopters on the border of Azerbaijan, expecting a new attack by Baku on Armenia

Russian armored vehicles and combat helicopters are deployed on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The Russian military has deployed its additional forces near the border with Azerbaijan amid aggravated tensions in the region. So, according to the data voiced by the acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, two strong points of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were deployed on the territory of the Syunik region, where armored vehicles and military aircraft are located.

"It's no secret that two new strongholds of the 102nd Russian military base have been established in the Syunik region of Armenia."- said Nikol Pashinyan, although earlier it was only known that there is one Russian stronghold in this area.

According to preliminary data, the key reason for the deployment of Russian forces in the Syunik region was the recent words of the President of Azerbaijan about his readiness to take control of this territory of Armenia by force. , but also directly points to the impending new armed conflict.

The Russian side has not yet made any official comments on this matter, however, experts draw attention to the fact that the deployment of additional forces of the Russian army in the Syunik region is due to the fact that the Russian side has information about the transfer of additional forces by Azerbaijan to the border with Armenia.