Russia has deployed many Iskander-M complexes on the border with Ukraine

Russia deployed Iskander-M systems for an instant strike against Ukraine.

The news agency obtained information that the Russian military had deployed its Iskander-M tactical missile systems near the Ukrainian borders. The latter are said to be designed to strike instantly at a number of targets in neighboring Ukraine.

At the moment, it is known that we are not talking about the complexes that arrived from Kursk, but about the Iskander-M OTRK, deployed to the border regions with Ukraine, not only to ensure the security of Crimea, but also to ensure the security of the territories of the self-proclaimed republics, as the Russian side has already repeatedly stated.

Experts draw attention to the fact that due to the increased presence of the Russian armed forces, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not launch an offensive operation in Donbass, which, according to representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is due to the threatening power of the Russian army, although the number of Ukrainian military in Donbass is twice as large.

As for the previously seen railway platforms, with the Iskander-M complexes placed on them, the latter, as it turned out, are intended to participate in the parade.

Russia has no allies except the army and navy.

Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy asked the representatives of the CIS countries to carry out preventive work with illegal migrants in Russia, otherwise Russia will be forced to close its borders.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, over 120 thousand Azerbaijani citizens are currently illegally in Russia ..
Soon there will be a result for the downed Russian helicopter.

Your helicopter was shot down in Syria and the wreckage was brought to the border with Azerbaijan. Look for militants among the Armenians.

So what. What does this change in terms of the operational environment

uav ... this is a weapon against savages with bows and spears ... and the same savages make it ... how long have they made Zenith missiles on the outskirts ... and now they are just going to do bayraktar ... fieuuu disgrace ... stone Age...

Everyone sees only what he wants to see. (Wisdom)

Not an instant blow to Ukraine!
Not on peaceful objects of Ukraine !!!
Precautionary measures - the Armed Forces of Ukraine directed MLRS at the objects of the Russian Armed Forces in Crimea and other objects of the Crimea, I believe that the United States in this case would react to proactively (Nobody knows this exercise or a preemptive strike)

TTX "Iskander" (open information):
Most likely goals:

1) air defense systems
2) missile defense systems
3) command posts and communication centers
4) airplanes and helicopters at airfields
5) the most important infrastructure facilities (warehouses)
6) the accumulation of troops and equipment (columns on the march, storage areas for equipment, etc.)
7) operational-tactical missile systems
8) divisional artillery: multiple launch rocket systems, long-range artillery.

Perhaps there is someone from the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who were not lustrated because of their studies and service in the USSR, and they conveyed the essence.

Any weapon has a Turkish drone. We saw it all recently.

Aliyev said that he, like, shot down the Iskander-M OTRK, well, let the independent barmaley shoot them down, let's check if this was so. Or the Turks handed over the wreckage from Syria to Aliyev for provocation, and he tells tales here.
And who shot down a Russian helicopter from the territory of Azerbaijan over the territory of Armenia? Where's the answer? Azerbaijan will not be forgotten.

Iskander is not a TR-complex, but an OTR. TR is Point-U. The difference in the range of action is 500 km versus 50 for the TR.