Has Russia deployed its unparalleled weapons in Cuba?

Has Russia begun to deploy its weapons in Cuba, which have no analogues in the world?

After a series of statements that Russia may again begin to deploy its weapons near the US borders, it became known about the regular flights of American military reconnaissance aircraft near the northern borders of Cuba. It is noteworthy that the greatest activity of American aviation near the borders of Cuba is observed after a series of incidents with fifth-generation American fighters in the American state of Florida, which, as previously reported, may well be associated with the deployment of Russian electronic warfare systems in the northern part of Liberty Island.

Today, it is known that Russia wants to return to control of the southern part of the United States with the help of its electronic reconnaissance and electronic warfare equipment. Taking into account the fact that modern Russian systems can easily disrupt the operation of satellite communications, without which the normal operation of fifth-generation American fighters is virtually impossible, experts have put forward the assumption that the Russian military is already in Cuba.

In the image provided by the "Operation Line" Telegram channel, you can see the flight of the American military reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135W, while, given the lack of weapons in Cuba that could threaten the United States, Washington apparently also suspects that the Russian military could return to Liberty Island.

It should be noted that earlier the Russian side did not deny the likelihood of the return of Russian military specialists to Cuba, especially since the Soviet military infrastructure has been preserved here.

And we must return !!! Since all recent years NATO has surrounded our continent, our borders ... Where are the best places for the deployment of our military bases in Venezuela!

author, so deployed or not? maybe it's just someone's wishlist

You also need s400 and calibers

I'm wondering, of course there are no analogues! Well, what is there at all?

Yes, it is not for nothing that the Americans "accidentally" flew over Cuba the other day