Rocket strike


Russia has deployed a "nuclear umbrella": the latest Russian development allows you to repel a strike of 5000 nuclear missiles

Innovative Russian military development capable of repelling the impact of 5000 nuclear missiles.

Despite the buildup of the United States, the countries of Europe and the Middle East, military potential and nuclear weapons, Russia puts an end to a possible nuclear strike on its territory. The reason for this is the introduction of the innovative Container radar, capable of monitoring immediately 5 with thousands of aerodynamic and ballistic targets within a radius of 3 thousand kilometers.

“The station, located in the village of Kovylkino of the Republic of Mordovia, and consisting of 150 thirty-meter antennas, can detect all types of launched aerodynamic targets beyond the 2 thousand km from the Russian border - military, strategic aviation aircraft, cruise missiles, hypersonic missiles and aircraft and etc"- reports "Newsru.Com".

According to experts, the arming of the Russian army like a radar makes any attempt to launch a missile strike on Russian territory is simply meaningless.

The Container radar can monitor any type of aerodynamic and ballistic targets. They will be shot down by the Russian C-400 and C-500, and due to the fact that the radar is already on alert, all countries with nuclear weapons, including the USA, France, Great Britain, Israel, etc., lose all their advantage. ”, - the analyst notes.

Experts believe that the placement on combat alert of the Container radar is one of the key steps to take on combat alert and S-500 air defense systems.


And than reflecting either rockets, or what the samples show us, does not mean that they are made in thousands, especially on cordless equipment, our mechanical engineering has perished.

Have you ever heard of a "layered missile defense system"?

This development can, at best, detect 5000 missiles, but not destroy them. The article is capricious!

There is a super breakthrough technology: patent No. 149598 "Device for controlling the flow around an aircraft." Aerodynamic drag reduces to zero. Reach 10 km per second. in the atmosphere at an altitude of 1 km is real. Increases the lifting force of the wing, propeller by two to three times. And most importantly, it provides the invisibility of the aircraft for all radars. And the funniest thing. nobody needs it in Russia!

"... to be guaranteed to shoot down 5000 missiles and other nuclear weapons ..."
5000 anti-missiles are not required at all: one EMP (Electro-Magnetic Impulse) from an anti-missile with UVI can disable the electronics at once of a heap of carriers that are in its area of ​​action, especially during a massive launch (salvo). The main thing is not to oversleep and notice in time this "mass launch". But for this, the next system put on alert is used.

Do we have so many anti-missiles themselves that would guarantee to shoot down 5000 missiles and other carriers of nuclear weapons?

Well, here we are. Will all these countries have to dismantle their weapons? Or someone to sell? Joke.
No, really, now what to do with this American trash? The USA cannot process nuclear fuel.

The United States places launchers in 50km from the Russian border, around the perimeter. From Afghanistan to Finland. With thousands of troops, from 50.000 on an ongoing basis, and to 250.000 mobilized. Such a radar will help to track and suppress NATO AWACS. But for operational deterrence, patrols in space and in the air around the country’s perimeter, including nuclear weapons, are needed. Everything returned to the configuration of the Cold War.

EW would have been more powerful for the rockets to explode at the launch site, there would be beauties

Know ours! Whether still will be!

In 1943, the Reich Minister of Arms, Albert Speer, declared: "A protracted war will be won through miracle weapons." Nazi propaganda asserted about the wunderwaff until the very last days of the Third Reich.
Wunderwaffe is Wunderwaffe

By the end of the war, German scientists, engineers and technologists made a number of assumptions about the main directions of development of the military equipment of the future, in some cases having managed to make a kind of sketch of weapons and armies of the late XX century. The term prodigy was not invented by gunsmiths, but by propagandists of the Imperial Goebbels Propaganda Ministry. This was done to a greater extent to achieve a psychological effect, maintain the fighting spirit of the troops and suppress panic among the population

Do our air defense have 5000 missiles?