Russia again in the airspace of Georgia


Russia again in the airspace of Georgia

07 March 2014. And again, Georgia begins to accuse the Russian Federation of violating the integrity of their airspace. According to the Georgian representatives, at about 12 hours 20 minutes, local time, a military helicopter MI-8 was noticed in the airspace of Georgia. It was recorded over the Cape and Gori regions. According to the statement of the security forces, the Russian helicopter flew around all the posts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and law enforcement agencies. In particular, this helicopter flew over the border fortifications of a sovereign state.

In addition, representatives of the Georgian Defence said that over the Zugdidi district, near the village of Khurcha was discovered by a Russian drone circling over important fortified area of ​​Georgia.

In connection with the violation of the borders of a sovereign state, the Georgian authorities have asked the representatives of the world demanding the observers understand this outrage. Georgia says that Russia deliberately provoked the conflict and calls upon the international community to intervene.

Thus, Georgia is again starting to make claims to the Russian government. But this event has some justification. Just a few hours before the appearance of this message, the former president of Georgia, Saakashvili, was noticed among the Ukrainian oppositionists. Accordingly, many believe that these two events have a common connection.


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