Fighter F-35


Russia is going to bring down the American F-35 to demonstrate the potential

Russia intends to bring down the American F-35, showing the capabilities of air defense systems and radar systems.

Russia intends to use its most powerful radar and air defense systems to destroy the American F-35 aircraft, in order to demonstrate its potential and willingness to respond to any American threats. Information on this subject was presented by Zvezda weekly, noting that the F-35 had already hit the sights of Russian air defense systems, but so far, there was no opportunity to defeat a fifth-generation fighter.

“As for his notorious invisibility, it seems that it was finally buried by none other than Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who, as recently as January this year, literally stunned the whole world with the message that the newest Russian over-the-horizon The "Container" radar recorded the flight of a group of "invisible" F-35s at a distance of about one and a half thousand kilometers - near the border with Iran. But that's not all. The experience of the "combat use" of the F-35 by the same Israeli Air Force showed that this newest "super aircraft" looks, to put it mildly, not quite convincing even in comparison with the American F-80 fighter-bomber of the 15s of the last century. <...> The range of the Russian anti-aircraft missile weapons is quite possible to reach the same Israeli aircraft over Lebanon and over the Mediterranean Sea. And if they remain unharmed after such attacks, it is not so much due to their "exclusive" fighting qualities or the notorious "invisibility", but solely due to the generally friendly relations between Russia and Israel, as well as Moscow's unwillingness to endanger them even against the background of eternal Middle Eastern showdown "- сообщает Zvezda weekly.

Thus, if an American combat aircraft tries to check the security of the Russian borders and risks creating a threat only by approaching it, then Russian air defense systems will immediately stop such an attempt, and not by persuasion, but by immediately opening fire from air defense systems - the F-35 will be shot down immediately.