Russia pulls into Syria the most powerful field howitzers - Idlib can be taken in just a month

Russia began to pull into Syria the most powerful field artillery guns.

Russia intends to seriously engage in the elimination of terrorists in Syrian Idlib and Aleppo as early as next Wednesday, as evidenced by the transfer of Russian weapons to Syria. Judging by the photographs taken directly in the front area, the Russian military is pulling together the most powerful artillery guns that can strike several tens of kilometers, that is, over almost the entire territory occupied by militants.

Judging by the photograph presented, we are talking about a large-scale column transporting 152 mm. 2A65 Msta-B field howitzers capable of delivering strikes at distances of up to 30 kilometers, and judging by the previously presented data, one of the direct hits of this Russian howitzer left the Turkish fighter’s armored car only a huge funnel several meters deep.



The exact number of howitzers being thrown by the Russian military has not been disclosed, however, we can talk about a few dozen guns, and, according to experts, the Russian air forces intend to reduce the number of sorties and use artillery to completely suppress terrorists in Idlib.

“Russian aviation will only provide cover for the Russian and Syrian military. Given the territory under the control of the SAA, it will be possible to strike from Russian howitzers up to the areas bordering Turkey, and, apparently, it will be a completely merciless fire ”, - the expert marks.

Analysts do not exclude that the transition to artillery may also be connected with the fact that Turkey transferred its air defense assets to Idlib.

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