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Russia will draw more than a thousand military to the border with Belarus due to coronavirus

Russia will have to protect the border with Belarus itself.

Due to the closure of borders with neighboring states, Russia will have to send about a thousand troops to the border with Belarus, which will be able to ensure the protection of border areas for the duration of the special decree. According to preliminary data, Minsk does not intend to use its border guards for this, since the initiative of Moscow became the reason for everything.

Given the fact that the length of the Belarusian-Russian border is about 1280 kilometers, in order to comply with the special decree, Russia will have to send about 800-1200 military personnel and border guards to the border with Belarus, and, as experts say, there can be a lot of disputes about real territorial delimitations, since today there is no clear border between the two states, which Minsk has already emphasized.

On the other hand, Belarus can also send its troops to the border with Russia as a means of ensuring control on its part, while, obviously, the Belarusian side may well block any movements from the Russian Federation amid the fact that Russia has not agreed on its closure position state border with a neighboring state, preventing Russia from crossing its border.

and Belarusians do with it?