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Russia demands from Georgia to return 800 million dollars for air navigation services

Russia demanded that Georgia repay debts.

«Interfax», referring to the statement of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, reports that the ban on flights of Georgian airlines in the Russian Federation is justified by the need to ensure a sufficient level of aviation security, as well as Georgia’s overdue debt for air navigation activities.

The amount of debt to FSUE (State ATM Corporation engaged in the organization of air traffic in Russia - ed.) Approached 800 thousands of dollars, as well as almost 600 thousands of rubles excluding accumulated penalty. The Ministry of Transport reported that the Georgian side recognized the debt as early as 2008, however, since that time, it has not been repaid.

The suspension of flights will continue until the Russian side receives the Aviation Security program of the companies “Georgian Airways” and “MyWay Airlines”, and the results of their audit. Another condition - the full repayment of the debt to the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Transport clarified that the Georgian side has already been notified of this.

Since July 8, Russian airlines are prohibited from operating flights to Georgia. Authorities recommended tour operators and travel agents to refrain from selling vouchers to Georgia. Flights from the Russian airports to the republic are operated by Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, S7, Red Wings, UTair, and Pobeda. Georgian Airways and MyWay Airlines carriers fly from Georgia to Russian airports.

That is how bullshit is formed, to replace thousands by millions and it seems to have been described as random, but in fact all Georgian aviation can cost, if not less, then not much more

What MILLION ??? Debt 800 thousand dollars!

One can not understand, but what have been waiting for so far?
The debt has grown into several million - it is necessary to stop servicing Georgian aircraft.
This money can be considered lost, as well as 15 billion, "donated" to Ukraine. The leadership of the country so easily scattered budget money in the interests of unfriendly republics, but does not want to allocate money for the construction of the covered National Museum of Aviation in Monino. Shame and shame!

Probably not 800 million. well 800 thousand dollars