Helicopter shot down


Russia: Turkish military shot down two helicopters over Syria

The Turkish army, not the militants, was involved in the destruction of two Syrian helicopters.

In Russia, previously confirmed information was confirmed that two Syrian military helicopters were shot down over Syria not by militants, but by the Turkish army. Both rotorcraft were struck from MANPADS, part of which Turkish troops left their own military, deployed in Syria, and some were handed over to terrorists.

“According to the expert of the Institute of Information Wars, Vladimir Vasiliev, the Turkish president actually admitted that two helicopters of the Syrian air force were shot down not without the participation of the Turkish military. “Either the Turkish troops themselves shot them down, or put MANPADS to their militants under control,” said Vasiliev. However, the expert is inclined to the first option, since a portable anti-aircraft missile system is an expensive and requires practical skills weapon. “Therefore, they will be transferred to the hands of even their own controlled militants only as a last resort. In addition, the circulation of man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems is being closely monitored by the leading powers of the world, and Turkish militants have been repeatedly seen selling their weapons to terrorist organizations, ”said Vladimir Vasiliev- сообщает Russian information publication Regnum.

Experts believe that Turkey owned information that it was a Syrian military helicopter, since Russian helicopter helicopters were also seen in this area, the destruction of which would lead to large-scale carpet bombing and artillery attacks from Russia.

“One wrong shot from MANPADS, and Russian ships and military aircraft would simply have razed the entire area to the ground - these are thousands of terrorists, the Turkish military and hundreds of armored vehicles”, - the expert notes.

It should be clarified that official Ankara has not commented on such allegations.

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Read the article below, they were torn down for two downed drones, and for two helicopters it would have been even more serious, and Putin would have forgotten about the downed plane humanly with the Turks, but they don’t understand, they won’t be bored

I’m embarrassed to ask what was razed to the ground when our planes were shot down, helicopters before this incident? Tomato beds in Turkey? Too many words, no action.