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Russia hit with electronic warfare systems in Northern Europe and NATO countries

Russia has deployed electronic warfare systems against NATO and the Nordic countries.

Russia began to actively use its electronic jamming systems against NATO countries and the countries of Northern Europe. It is known that various types of military radar stations, radio monitoring equipment, etc. became the target of Russian electronic warfare systems. According to the Prime Minister of Norway, the situation began to deteriorate rapidly and at the moment there is a risk that Russian electronic warfare systems will completely cover the territory of a number of NATO countries and the countries of Northern Europe with a cap, paralyzing any transmission of radio signals and seriously disrupting the operation of electronic equipment.

“According to the Norwegian Prime Minister, Russia is stepping up “hybrid” operations, such as cyber attacks and signal jamming in Scandinavia, at a time of tension on NATO’s eastern flank. Jonas Gahr Stere, 61, said the "cold winds" of geopolitical conflict are blowing north from Ukraine as the Kremlin builds up its forces in the Baltic and Arctic regions. He said Russian-backed hackers had already attacked Norwegian institutions after his government's computer systems were disabled by a glitch and civilian aircraft hit by military jamming equipment., - the edition "The Times" informs.

To date, a large number of Russian electronic jamming systems are indeed located in the Murmansk region, however, experts doubt that Russia would take such steps as suppressing civilian aircraft.

“The only thing that worries Norway now is its radar stations and F-35 fighter equipment, which turned out to be vulnerable to most Russian electronic warfare systems, since now Oslo will have to make excuses to citizens about wasted billions of dollars and the country’s lack of defense capability”, - emphasizes the specialist.

Earlier, the news agency reported that the use of Russian electronic warfare systems Murmansk-BN could become one of the measures to counter the West and NATO.

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It's high time to test the electronic warfare systems near their exercises in the North of Europe. Then we'll see where their ships will sail and the planes will fly.

Are you trying to scare Russia with a "cargo 200"? )))

Have you heard of the coalition? read WWII history

On the territory of Norway there are American radar stations and means of attack, of course, against Russia. So let the Norwegians do not complain.

The liberated countries, they all fought against the USSR, actually NATO at that time. So they attacked Russia, having received the support of the United States.

The liberated countries, they all fought against the USSR, actually NATO at that time. So they attacked Russia, having received the support of the United States.

Learn geography. Russia has a common border with Norway.

That's right, you don't have to mess with us...

Almost all the countries that the USSR saved from destruction by the Nazis are now snapping at the Russian Federation. No wonder they say: do not do good, you will not get evil.

Where is Murmansk and where is Oslo?

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And if cargo 200 goes to Russia? Who will ask for friendship?

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At most, they will either respond in the same way, or with a cyber attack.

NATO played out. As the cargo 200 goes, they will be asked to be friends

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