Russia hit the air base in Konotop

In the evening at 22:00, the city of Konotop, Sumy region, was subjected to two missile attacks, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the coordinator of the Nikolaev underground, Sergei Lebedev. One of the missiles hit the local air base on Petliury Street, where helicopters are said to be based, hangars, barracks and a canteen, as well as an aircraft repair plant.

The second missile hit targets associated with the 58th separate motorized infantry brigade located on Turgenev Street. The impact site is located near the aviation museum, which caused active movement of medical teams and a cordon of several blocks.

Strikes on Ukraine April 20, 2024

Local medical workers, according to eyewitnesses, were called to work and were informed of the need to remain on duty for at least a day due to the arrival of victims.

In addition to the attacks on Konotop, attacks were recorded in Sumy and in the area of ​​the village of Nerubayskoye near Odessa, where an ammunition depot is supposedly located. The underground clarified that one of the attacks in Sumy was aimed at the location of the 15th territorial defense battalion, and the other was aimed at the Kursk microdistrict, where enterprises and warehouses may be located.


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