Napalm strike


Russia hits Syrian terrorists with tons of napalm

Syrian militants announced the attacks of the Russian Aerospace Forces with napalm.

The information publication "Al-Mohrar" reports that the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces has used napalm against Turkish mercenaries and other terrorist groups in northwestern Syria. Such strikes are said to force terrorists to leave their hideouts and fortifications, thereby opening up the possibility of the Syrian army to occupy the region without any resistance.

"Napalm ammunition strikes are now being fired by Russian aircraft on coastal fronts to set fire to areas.", - reports "Al-Mohrar", publishing a corresponding photo, allegedly inflicted a night strike by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

It is not known how reliable the information provided is. Experts note that incendiary ammunition strikes can indeed force the militants to leave their fortifications, moreover, this will cut off terrorists from Turkish support, which gives the Syrian army and Russian troops a chance to quickly destroy the militants. Nonetheless, incendiary ammunition strikes cause serious fires, and therefore, the information provided by the publication "Al-Mohrar" is questioned.

It should be noted that over the past 48 hours, the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian army began a powerful shelling of terrorist positions in the south of the designated de-escalation zone. As a result, illegal armed groups suffer very serious losses.

just do not need to judge by yourself! these are our "guests".

NO "Putin's Russia" - THERE IS RUSSIA!
Since 1991, the Russian Federation has not violated a single international treaty.
We do not use napalm because of a better weapon - thermobaric.

Pfft. Not surprising. Putin's Russia has always broken the rules and will continue to do so. Although I think Putin has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, people here are so ...

An absolute lie - Russia has never used and will not use napalm: this is the prerogative of the Americans. They, and only they, have succeeded in this matter and have achieved certain successes, for which sooner or later they will have to answer.

Russia does not use napalm. Napalm was invented in the United States in 1942 and used by the United States Army.
Even "Solntsepek" works without "napalm" - this is a thermobaric weapon in the form of an aerosol and undermining the resulting gas cloud.
And in the photo there are characteristic trajectories of American phosphorus munitions.

bullshit !!!

In the photo, it is not napalm at all, but ammunition with white phosphorus, and in the first photo - NATO.

Propaganda from "Goebbels", the more monstrous the lie, the easier it is to believe in it.

RF violates the convention banning the use of napalm ?? Author, are you in the subject ??



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