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Russia will hit NATO with hundreds of "Calibers" if it tries to attack Donbass

Russia will deal an unprecedented blow to NATO forces in the event of an attempt to attack the Donbass.

NATO's attempts to intervene in the situation in Donbass will force Russia to strike at the Alliance forces even from the waters of the Black Sea, unleashing hundreds of Caliber tactical cruise missiles on the threat to Russian citizens living in the DPR and LPR. As experts note, Russia does not even need to send its peacekeeping forces to Donbass - a powerful simultaneous strike with dozens or even hundreds of Caliber cruise missiles will completely destroy the enemy's forces - there is nothing to oppose to this.

Today, the Black Sea Fleet has a sufficient number of ships and submarines armed with Caliber cruise missiles to inflict a crushing defeat on significant enemy forces in the event of the slightest threat to Russia or Russian citizens. The capabilities of the Kalibr cruise missiles are more than enough to successfully strike any point in the Donbass, even despite the possible transfer of more than 40 thousand NATO troops to the region.

"After the Russian fleet launched dozens of Caliber cruise missiles on terrorists in Syria, completely defeating the forces of the latter, no one doubts the effectiveness of this Russian weapon.", - emphasizes the specialist.

Earlier, there was evidence that thousands of NATO mercenaries could be present in the Donbass, preparing their attack on the DPR and LPR in the coming months.

Igor, you have something wrong with your head. You will "regain" yourself not just a territory, but a territory with a hostile population. We already see how this will turn out in Syria, where we have been successfully "defeating" the "terrorists" for many years.

In my opinion, we have already frightened NATO with red lines many times, but for some reason they are not afraid. We scare a lot with promises.

It won’t win in Donbass because no one will be harnessed to saucepans. About Kazakhstan did not understand where to win there? just return the South Urals and Baikonur. There is honey agaric. This is if the West continues its intrigues.

If Russia ceases to exist as an independent separate state, it will be better for everyone in the world, including the Russians.

In order for the calibers to fly, children and real estate need to fly away. And this is not in the interest. Make a conclusion.

The absence of these troops in Ukraine will prevent the United States and Britain from hitting the Russian troop concentrations. Or is it about a strike on the territory of Russia? We wait!!!

I’m also thinking, where would they come from, somewhere I came across an article that 68 of them a year are made with great effort. So hundreds of them can amaze only the imaginations of the bearers.

Well, what is the density of the air defense, and even more so the effectiveness, we have already seen in Syria, how there they burned this vaunted air defense with self-made airplanes from shit and sticks. One destroyer at least from the Black Sea will bring all the infrastructure to the Urals.

Something takes a long time to gather. We are harnessing for a long time. but we eat quickly. We wait. We will answer.

Don't tell my slippers. It's a little gutsy to hit NATO. If they could, they would have taught me a lesson long ago. Bitie determines consciousness.

Those. for Ridna Nenka and some kind of chvkshniks (and I highly doubt the presence of NATO personnel in the combat zone) NATO really wants to commit suicide?
I beg of you... :)))

In order to strike with thousands of tomahawks, they must be in the theater of operations, because they will not fly from the United States. And on ships there are not thousands, but not more than a hundred, how many of them will fly with such a density of air defense in Russia and electronic warfare means, a big question. And no one will unleash a nuclear war, we do not have suicides, they do not. We will fight with conventional weapons, and keep nuclear weapons as a last resort.

I wonder when the answer arrives, did our patriots manage to reach the bunker or not?

And he will receive thousands of tomahawks in return.

Russia will not win either in Kazakhstan or in the Donbass.
RF would defend its territory. This will partially happen when everything around and inside Russia turns into radioactive ash. Putin has already stated this.

Oh, Brunet_Sgor began to see clearly? And when they write "hundreds of Tomahawks" from destroyers in the Black Sea, "he happily jumps on the couch and waves an American flag on a stick

Aha! Only the diapers will be changed first!

and what prevents from hitting if they are there legally?

Does the Russian Federation have "hundreds of Calibers" ?!

To respond with thousands of Tomahawks, it is necessary that by the time a decision is made to launch them, the storage bases and launchers of these Tomahawks must be intact, and not in ruins or at the bottom of the sea.

Will NATO unleash a nuclear war for the sake of Donbass? Any first NATO strike would mean a declaration of war on Russia. What weapons, on what scale and for what purposes will Russia be used to discuss?

A blow to Russia means the beginning of World War III, no one will touch us because of country 404.

We have already seen how tomahawks flew in Syria. Ha ha ha!

Let them not hit. Volodya and his organized crime group have families and accounts in NATO countries. regular fairy tales for cotton wool

The NATO countries should know that both the CSTO countries and the SCO countries will hit them. Let them take a chance - let's see what comes out of the NATO adventure.

Nuclear weapons and Poseidons that are on duty off the coast of NATO

Yes, only they fought in Avganestan for 20 years and not this tomahawk flew in, but in Syria, if you remember, from Trump's horrific 100 hundred tomahawk strike, only 15 flew

Thanks, laughed

Well, how, what legal basis are we talking about.

I don’t think they’ll hit, they can make some noise, they understand the words of the GDP, that strikes will not be directed at Europe, but at the CP USA on their territory. And in general, the United States is used to doing everything with the hands of other countries.

Pomnitsa has already hit Syria a couple of times with tomahawks, 90% of the missiles were lost along the way.

will not be in time. this will be the first pre-emptive strike.

It turns out from the words of a specialist that dozens of cruise missiles defeated terrorists in Syria. And then what are the rest of the troops doing in this Syria? The point of introducing them if, everything is decided by the calibers. A quick global strike in action!

These missiles are called deep concern ....

They will not take this step, no one wants a nuclear mess, or they consider themselves immortal. They are quite capable of putting Russia on the brink of destruction economically.

We speak, we speak, and the Yankees do what they want and do! And we keep talking!

This will mean the beginning of a war with Russia, and nuclear missiles will fly in response.

Regardless of who is the first to hit someone from these sides, then they will not only use these weapons to hammer at each other.

This is just a provocative statement from a certain specialist.

And NATO will calmly wait until they are hit. They will strike, silently, and first.

Russia will hit NATO ?? hundreds of calibers ??
And if NATO responds with Tomahawks, of which it has several thousand ???
The head is not bo-bo?

And what will prevent the United States and Great Britain from attacking the accumulations of Russian troops? They, after all, are in Ukraine on a legal basis



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