Attack on Kiev


Russia threatens to surround and storm Kiev in a few hours directly from Belarus

The Russian military can strike at Kiev from Belarus.

The likelihood of a quick break through the Ukrainian border and encirclement, followed by an assault on Kiev from the territory of Belarus, turned out to be quite high - it could take only a few hours. These data follow from the publication of the publication "Coffee or Die" against the backdrop of the appearance of a huge number of Russian troops in Belarus.

“For weeks, a Russian military build-up near Ukraine has sparked endless speculation about the possibility that Moscow will order a full-scale invasion of the neighboring country this winter. Russian military forces reportedly entered Belarus on Monday, January 17, adding to a long list of warning signs that Moscow may be ready to launch a major offensive against Ukraine in the coming weeks and that attack, if it occurs, could represent the worst-case -scenario for the capital of Kiev. According to numerous Western assessments, one of Russia's military options against Ukraine involves a pincer strike from the north using Russian forces stationed in Belarus to encircle Kiev, the capital of Ukraine., according to Coffee or Die.

Significant forces of the RF Armed Forces have indeed already begun to arrive in Belarus, however, in addition, in the near future, Su-35 fighter jets, as well as air defense systems, including the S-400 Triumph complexes and the Pantsir air defense missile system, will also be deployed at the airfields of Belarus. Obviously, this caused very big fears about a possible attack on Ukraine.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that Russia has no plans to attack Ukraine, although the deployment of a large group of troops in Belarus for the duration of the exercises will obviously make Kiev think about abandoning any hostile plans against to the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass.

Pots won't help!

Why are you always lying? Think what you write!
"Russia threatens to surround and storm Kiev in a few hours directly from Belarus." Bazaar then filter yours!

And guests from Ukraine say that the war has been going on for 8 years and Putin has invaded for a long time ... This does not cause dissonance in them ...

Don't say you didn't warn ATTENTION PROVOCATION!

On January 19, the DPR is preparing to shell believers during a baptism at the Kirpichny headquarters in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk.
Provocative shelling is possible from an enemy stronghold located at the Mine. Chelyuskintsev is less than two kilometers from the pond. To disguise the shots, the enemy military is preparing to turn on the main fan at the mine that has not been working for a long time (but for some reason on January 15 it was turned on for several hours).

It is not clear why to storm it - let alone surround it - is generally something outdated in strategy. Are the Iskanders running out?