Russia missed the opportunity to deploy missiles, aircraft and submarines in Cuba

Russia has lost the ability to deploy its forces in Cuba.

Against the background of large-scale protests in Cuba, experts assessed the level of threat of a forceful seizure of power by local radicals as the maximum. In fact, with a high degree of probability, this means the loss by Russia of the possibility of deploying its air defense / missile defense systems, missile weapons, combat aviation and the fleet in Cuba in the future.

Until recently, the territory of Cuba was considered almost an ideal place for Russia to deploy its weapons capable of delivering powerful strikes on US territory, but given the current situation on Freedom Island, Russia will almost certainly lose its partnership with this state.

Experts note that if Russia could reach agreements with the Cuban authorities on the deployment of its forces on the island, then, probably, any protests in the country could have been avoided, however, today the situation in Cuba is critical. This is evidenced by the deployment of military units to fight the protesters.

A little earlier, information appeared that the United States was preparing to send its warships for the blockade of Cuba, however, at the moment, this information has not received official confirmation.

dear author that you are already causing panic, I don’t understand? that a coup d'etat has already taken place in Cuba? Russia has not yet lost anything in Cuba and we can place everything we need there?

Vadim Kirillovich, I agree with your words, it is definitely necessary to conduct trade activities with Cuba, but not to provoke the United States with "bases".
We need to make cultural and scientific exchanges with Cuba.
In 2008, there were no shaving machines there and our tourists and relatives brought them there, there were no jeans, no sound reproducing equipment. there was a shortage of spare parts for cars and motorcycles of the times of the USSR. Gasoline is limited for individuals 10 liters per month.
Can you imagine how many "useful" things you can sell there and buy not only Rum.

Alexander, "Luka", as you probably call "father" is near, and the cuba is far away (Belarus is near).
This is the first.
Secondly, Belarus is integrated into the common industry and market with Russia in particular, and also with the former USSR countries. An example of when Western countries removed the industrial enterprises of Ukraine is very good.
Third, Lukashenka understands that the West will not accept him from the word NEVER and will not accept Belarus until it is in chaos and not in their "values"

We need to help Cuba economically. Last year we did not get 2 million tons of sugar. Wat and would buy the shortage from the Cubans.

"no need to spend money ..." Do you need Luke? This one will sell much faster.

Dear commentator Igor, have you heard anything about the so-called "Caribbean Crisis"?
So, in continuation of my question, I will give a suggestive explanation - CUBA for the USA "The backyard of their cottage" (180 km from the United States, and 9500 km from CUBA to Russia, approximately)
For the United States, in principle, not to have our forces there, and the 1962 conflict was just resolved by the fact that the USSR removed the missiles and forces that could strike the United States first (Airplanes, missiles and submarines), and the United States left Cuba and the Castro Brothers alone (thus more that a year ago, in 1961, the battle in the Bay of Pigs showed that Cuba can successfully defend itself with the weapons of the USSR).
Now nothing has changed, except for the absence of ships that Ukraine took for itself during the partition and sawed off with metal, and sold part of it. The Russian Navy is indeed very effective, but in the defense of the Russian coast.

There was a good base there under the USSR. But Putin does not need this. Like the rest of Cuba. He has views only for RUSSIA. But this is not about the development of the economy. DON'T HAVE.

Why do we need to keep a base in such a distance, it’s costly, we will have to get it from here too.

Everything is going well, there is no need to spend taxpayers' money in Cuba.

Russia has nothing to place there .. Russia has no destroyers and cruisers just to close its largest coastline in the world .. It was about technical support points ..

Keeping a serious grouping of troops on such a long shoulder is simply not realistic and wasting money down the drain, other solutions are needed, and as I understand them, they have long been found.

In general, why are these naive arguments, they say, to place missiles on boats and so on, you have forgotten the Caribbean crisis. At that time, due to some secret unchecked deliveries of the first imperfect rackets, the United States almost unleashed a war, and now they have more advanced means of observation, and secondly, Cuba has long been abandoned by us and everything is bursting at the seams there and it is not serious to talk about this.

If Russia would deploy missiles, etc. in Cuba, then I think the United States would have purposefully unleashed something like a "color revolution". These events, apparently and in fact, were not planned and spontaneous.
There has long been a liberal trend in Cuba; Cuba itself is instantly and ideologically divided into Eastern and Western.
In one, although the transformation and trade, the elimination of the eternal shortage of industrial goods, while the other traditionally supports the course of "Havana". (this was told to me by people who came to Cuba to visit relatives)

Russian submarines with zircons are closer to Washington than Cuba

The first true and objective article on the site this year. With your initiative, gentlemen!

Russia has never had such opportunities, no one will ever give, the usa is the main trading partner

This is not necessary with hypersonic weapons. Boris Petrovich

It was not Russia that lost, the policy of state leadership (presidential, legislative, executive power) lost Cuba.