Russia gave Erdogan new troubles in Syria by starting negotiations with the Kurds

Syrian Kurds, in spite of Turkey, may receive autonomy and protection from the Syrian army.

Turkey, which actively supports the jihadists in Idlib, is faced with new troubles. According to Turkish media reports, a few days before the important meeting of the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey, the Russian side began negotiations with the Syrian Kurds, who may be eligible for autonomy and protection from the Syrian army, including from Turkey. in exchange for cooperation with Damascus. In Turkey, Russia's actions were called countermeasures that would knock the Turkish military out of the Arab republic.

The Turkish side considers the Syrian Kurds and their armed formations a terrorist threat, in connection with which the actions of Russia began to scare Ankara, since in this case the Turkish troops will have to leave the territory of Syria, and the rating of the Turkish leader will collapse against the background of the failure to fulfill earlier promises to fight the Kurds.

“Russian President Putin recently received Bashar al-Assad and said that 90 percent of Syria is under Assad’s control. According to Putin's calculations, the remaining 10 percent is Idlib. That is, the territory east of the Euphrates, which was occupied by the PKK, Putin does not consider the territory of Syria. If Putin did not make a mathematical mistake, then this is a message about the autonomy of the terrorist organization in the east of the Euphrates. Two days after Putin's words, the leader of the terrorist organization PYD (the party of Syrian Kurds Democratic Union), a woman, a notorious PKK terrorist who served for some time in Kandil, Ilham Ahmed, was received in Moscow by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia. ", - reports the Turkish information resource "Haber 7"

Moreover, Russia intends to break the agreement with Turkey to de-escalate the situation in Idlib, since the Turkish authorities have not yet fulfilled their obligations to transfer the territory located south of the M-4 highway under the control of the CAA and the Russian military.

In addition, the day before it became known that Damascus was beginning to negotiate with the Turkish opposition, which together would be a very serious blow to Ankara.

As it comes around, it will respond. Or did Erdogan think this did not apply to him?

Author, why on earth do you call a world-famous revolutionary a terrorist !? In the Middle East, it is Syria that is our strategic partner, and Turkey is just a fellow traveler. Erdogan does not understand that support for the so-called national liberation movement of oppressed peoples has been in our blood since 1917. We have supported the Kurds for a very long time, and we support them now, too. We will give them national autonomy behind Euphrates in the Sotava of Syria. And let the Turks get out on their own ...

It is a strange habit, if not absolutely stupid, to call the Kurds terrorists when the real terrorists are the Turks and all the rabble gathered by the Turks in Turkey and Idlib. Kurds are one of the many nations that do not have their own state, although their place of residence is the historical homeland of their ancestors. Russia needs to consistently help the Kurds gain independence. This will play a positive role for Russia in the future. Along with Syria, Iraq, Iran, there will be another state or enclave friendly to Russia. Turkey has never been friendly and never will be for Russia. They are only interested in money.

Stop calling the Kurdish parties terrorist. The Kurds in Syria defeated ISIS, the Turks are terrorists. No Kurd has ever committed a terrorist attack in Russia, so take that word out.

Well, the Kremlin has found that "threaded bolt" on Erdogan's cunning policy. No wonder a Russian proverb says about this.

And what they wanted ... no one will allow Turkey to become a hegemon.



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