Russia has notified the United States of the deployment of nuclear weapons near American borders

Russia has notified the United States of the deployment of nuclear weapons near American borders.

During negotiations between Russia and the United States on security issues, it became known that the Russian side announced that it intended to deploy nuclear weapons near the American borders. This is probably about Cuba and Venezuela, as previously stated.

“There were hints, never clarified, that nuclear weapons could be moved to locations, possibly close to the coastline of the United States, which would reduce the post-launch warning time to five minutes, potentially provoking a confrontation with an echo of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Russian officials have hinted again in recent days at the deployment of new missiles, and US officials have reiterated that they see no move in that direction. But any attempt to place weapons near American cities would create conditions similar to the 1962 crisis, when the world was closest to a nuclear exchange. Asked about the nature of what Mr. Putin called a possible "military-technical" response, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in Geneva on Monday: exactly"", according to The New York Times.

According to experts, the placement of Zircon hypersonic missiles on underwater carriers off the coast of the United States will not be possible soon, as tests will continue until 2023, however, given the appearance of a Russian special aircraft in Cuba and Venezuela, which may be Russian presented, negotiations with the countries of Latin America may already be under way.

However, if Russia deploys nuclear weapons in Cuba and Venezuela, there is a very significant risk that US nuclear weapons could appear in Ukraine, the Middle East and elsewhere, triggering a very serious crisis.

Not necessarily in Cuba and Venezuela, America is an island. It is possible on the territory of Russia. Technology allows

Yes, it's all nonsense! We in Russia and not only work to support the dollar economically, we culturally and intellectually descend to their level, we value not reason, but money ... So, until we stand on our own feet and begin to educate and train people at the highest level - we will all degrade, which will inevitably end badly. Rockets, this is, of course, good, but we should also start working on brains ...

comments in the ballot box? NOT RPO but homemade.

So hinted or notified? Two big differences

I wonder how you can give something that already belongs to the recipient. Well, I really want to know.

Ocean depths - the best watchman in the world

This is how it will be necessary to protect these missiles? Are there enough opportunities and forces?

So at the Russian or American borders? Decide on this and at least read what you post.

We know that the missiles are already in Venezuela and Cuba. It remains only to put them on duty. This does not suit us, so we will give Ukraine to Mr. Putin. Your shirt is closer to your body.



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