Russia has already attacked Turkish planes and tanks attacking Armenia

The media announced a Russian attack on Turkish aircraft and tanks near the borders of Armenia.

The Russian military has used its air defenses and cruise missiles to target Turkish forces near the Armenian border. According to the Russian news publication Vzglyad, Russian Kalibr cruise missiles were used against Turkish ground forces, and anti-aircraft missiles were launched to repel Turkish air force strikes.

“It is impossible to ignore the political content of the teachings. They are clearly a response to the recent provocative Turkish exercises in Azerbaijan right during the aggravation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. And it is not for nothing that Armenian and Iranian units are participating in the Kavkaz-2020 command and control squad. Both countries, firstly, do not want to increase Turkey's influence in the region, and secondly, they have good relations with each other. With no small probability, the Kavkaz-2020 command and control squad pursued the goal of showing Turkey and Azerbaijan who is the boss in the Caucasus. At the same time, a hint was made to Georgia - part of the maneuvers took place in Abkhazia, and the Black Sea Fleet landed troops on the shore. This is also a very clear signal. Let us remind you that Georgia controls Russian communications with Armenia ", - about it сообщает Edition "Sight".

Experts draw attention to the fact that today the Turkish Air Force and the Ground Forces of Turkey really pose a special threat to Armenia, however, due to the fact that there are Russian military bases on the territory of Armenia, Ankara is unlikely to risk openly intervening in the conflict, realizing that that he will immediately receive a response from the Russian military.

“Today Turkey has only old fighters with an effective range of strikes up to 50 kilometers. In fact, Armenia can easily deprive Ankara of most of the air force even before the fighters fly to the borders of Armenia. If necessary, Russia will be able to cover the army of Armenia without any problems ", - the expert marks.

Where did the Adygs, Abkhazians, Ubykhs and others have so many slaves then? They were people captured during raids and wars.

The Caucasus did not fight with anyone. Moreover, the Caucasian peoples have never fought with each other! He only defended himself from Russia. And in the end, after the end of the 100 year war, he was captured by it and ruined! For a long time the Caucasian peoples defended their land from the fascist tsarist invaders. Which burned and destroyed settlements one by one. In total, about 800 of them were destroyed. These were mainly Adyghe villages. And all this truth is banned in modern Russia. And people like you lie to all the peoples of the Caucasus! And the raids of the Circassians began after Russia began to massively populate the lands of the Circassians with Cossacks, Armenians and Greeks!

if you do not like the laws of ukraine, why don’t you leave ukraine, but start a war there. that, in Russia there is little room for Russians. so are the Armenians.

In my opinion, it is said incorrectly. It is advisable to look at what is happening as broadly as possible. For all the peoples of the earth, the main enemy was and
remains the world's largest capital It was the representatives of this clan who kindled
both world wars and both times
earned very well. Ordinary people in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Turkey, the United States and any other countries will only get grief and death from this war. I remember how it all began, this national conflict was provoked from the outside during the implementation of the US plan for the collapse of the USSR, which means that neither Azerbaijan nor
Armenia. And today the world behind the scenes again focused on inciting long-standing conflicts along the perimeter of the Russian Federation. All wars, including this war, will end in negotiations. Sorry people who are still alive but practically dead, sorry for their loved ones. It's just sad to read about the just war that is being waged on the official territory of Azerbaijan. Let's say it turns out to squeeze the Armenians out of Karabakh by killing half, will it personally be good for someone? Then time will pass and again the massacre for Karabakh. We need to negotiate !!!

Everything is correct. Nearly. Because this is not just a counterterrorist war, but a war against the Armenian invaders. This is AZERBAIJAN'S PATRIOTIC WAR against the Armenian invaders. Otherwise, they would not have introduced martial law and general mobilization, etc.

most likely means missile armament, not the range of aircraft, Turkey is in service with f16, there are mostly old modifications, but their range is still 500 times more than 50 km

And deep concern

Before Russia came to the Caucasus, they constantly fought there.
After the Caucasus became Russian, the conflicts disappeared.
Russia is gone - the wars have started again.

Everything will end as soon as Transcaucasia becomes a Russian region again.

Where does the data come from? Who whispered?) Take a look at historical documents, history textbooks, maybe the point of view will change

We need a dialogue. People should not kill other people, especially neighbors.

If "the Armenian territories were occupied by the Soviet power about 100 years ago. After the collapse of the USSR, everything returns to its original position" (C), then let the Armenians from the Black Sea coast, from Sochi, in particular, where they are trying to create an Armenian national inner-city region in Adler, return to starting position and defending their native Ayastan.

Stop, revenge for those killed on both sides = equal multiplication of those killed on both sides, only peacekeepers and negotiations or 3rd world war. The people do not need it ... who needs it, think for yourself, it's time to stop fighting each other, and deprive the air of a real common enemy. We are being pitched and someone once again rejoices in a new conflict and rubs his hands, counting his income and human losses


Turkish planes with a range of strikes of 50 km is complete nonsense!

All to defend their homeland. And Azerbaijan and Armenia that patriots are sitting out in Russia?

Nonsense. As long as Armenia is under the wing of Russia, they live. Unfortunately, they cannot cope alone. Too many enemies

AND? What's up with that?

but what about the second wave of coronavirus)))

The UN is far from a perfect organization. The whole world cares about the integrity of the territories and no one cares about the fate of people of a different faith and culture in these territories. From this and all the troubles in the world.
With one stroke of the pen, Armenian Karabakh became Azerbaijani territory. So what now? Stupid people want to correct historical stupidity. What will happen to Armenians if Azerbaijanis conquer Karabakh?
Russia did not stand up for its citizens killed and expelled from the former Soviet republics, because this is not Russian territory. And Chechnya is the territory of Russia. Everything is decided by TERRITORY. PEOPLE are for people like you insects.

Before talking about the so-called territory of artificially created Azerbaijan, keep in mind that it was created by the will of the Soviets from scratch, so study history. The Armenian territories were occupied by the Soviet regime about 100 years ago. After the collapse of the USSR, everything returns to its original position. Those who are fighting for their homeland, for their home, cannot be defeated. For an ordinary reader, I will say that the indicators in the Great Patriotic War speak about the fighting abilities of the Armenian people, the fourth place in the number of heroes among the peoples of the USSR, while in terms of population among the Union republics, Armenia then occupied the 13th place, also record indicators in the number of officers and etc. For Russia, in strategic terms, Armenia is an outpost that is holding back the expansion of the Ottomans in the Caucasus.

They were "theirs" in the USSR, and under capitalism everyone considers his own what he can have! Russia also considers the whole of Malorosia as its lands, and there is a NATO base in Ochakov.

While the West is screaming that we are doing everything wrong and are to blame for everything ...
So we are following the right path!

You are wrong, this is a civilizational conflict, the Oghuz Turks to whom the Turks and the Azerbaijanis are trying to recreate the neo-Ottoman empire, and have already drawn all the Turkic republics of the former USSR into their orbit, the victory of the Turkish - Azerbaijani. tandem over Armenia, these are Turkish military bases near Russian Dagestan, this is practically the Turkish Caspian, these are Turkish military bases along the Russian border in Kazakhstan, the Turks know how to wait, wait and work in the direction they need Today, the absorption of Transcaucasia (Georgia is already an economic satellite) tomorrow Central Asia , the day after tomorrow the Turkic autonomies of Russia itself, from the Urals, Khakassia, Altai, Yakutia to Ufa, Kazan and Cheboksary, which are a few hours away from Moscow. Tell me impossible? I will ask why it is impossible, Who in 1985 from the citizens of the USSR could have imagined that in 6 years there would be no one of the two world superpowers, We could not, and the gentlemen from the State Department worked in this direction, as do the Turkish special services and politicians, trying to finish off Russia already today.

As in Russia they cannot understand Az-an is trying to liberate his territories.

We must not interfere in this carnage. We have enough from Syria. Yes, and we have already delivered c400 to Turkey and almost sold su31 and su35 su57

Do you mean the citizens of the United States, France and other NATO countries who are fighting all over the world?

Russia wanted to destroy the Turks, the USSR created Turkey and Azerbaijan. The non-Russians created enemies on the Russian border. Now you grab your grandchildren! That just because the Armenians have fought for the Slavs for 1000 years in all wars! And with Azerbaijan 1 to 1 Armenia will cope on its own, only the Russians interfere, all because of money (oil)!

This leader has already shown his wisdom in the destruction of Russia and the genocide of the people.

And what provocations do Azerbaijan and Turkey stand up to, dear Igor? Do you know, my dear fellow, that ALL military operations take place on the internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan - recognized by Russia and even by Armenia itself !!! Now turn on your brains and tell me how you can arrange provocations against third countries on your territory?

Let it be known to you that, according to Article 51 of the UN Charter, every UN member state has the right to defend its territorial integrity by any means at its disposal, including assistance from other countries.

At the moment, Azerbaijan, using the analogy of Russia's wars in Chechnya, is conducting a counter-terrorist operation against illegal gangs in order to preserve its territorial integrity and constitutional order. AND
This is a fact that no one can refute. So if you are for order and peace in the world, you should unequivocally support Azerbaijan, which does not lay claim to anyone's territory - unlike Armenia: do you know that the Armenians are hatching plans to create an independent Krasnodar Armenian Republic, taking advantage of the huge number of Armenians in the region? So very soon you will receive your "Karabakh" from the Armenians.

The conflict in Karabakh is a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and no one else should enter into it, neither Turkey nor Russia. Let them figure it out themselves, and if they need volunteers, then the numerous diasporas of both of them can return to their historical homeland, no one will cry for them in Russia. We absolutely do not need this conflict, we pay for our bases in Armenia, and a lot of money, as for Azerbaijan, Russia also has a relationship with it on mutual benefit. As for the agreements on the CSTO, it was not worth including Armenia there, since this country has territorial and national difficulties with its neighbors.

Azerbaijan, having contacted Turkey, ceased to be our partner. Specifically supplying oil to Turkey at a low price, and also our economic and political enemy. Therefore, we need to help Armenia to force Azerbaijan to peace, and then deal with Turkey seriously. Turkey is our potential enemy, which is hidden or openly will always harm us.

Correctly said.

So, according to you, there is no army in Russia, how could it attack.

Ladies and gentlemen, is there a distraction from Belarus?

Are you talking about Turkish fighters on the territory of Azerbaijan, or what? ;)

There is no need to involve Russia in this war; they will figure it out without us. This is the war between the Russophobe Pashinyan and the Turkophile Aliyev!

He's only wise when he takes pensions!

Another hype .. The war is still going on only between Armenia and Azerbaijan ... Russia is waiting for militants from Syria to reach this hotbed, then, under the "Hurray" fight against IS ... Russia will "force everyone to Peace" ..

War is always bad. But RUSSIA should not tolerate the provocation of Turkey and Azerbaijan. RUSSIA has a strong and wise leader who will find the right answer.

When citizens of one country fight on the territory of another, it can only mean one thing: they feel safer there than at home.