Russia urgently transfers S-400 to Belarus due to threats from Ukraine

Russia urgently transferred the S-400 air defense system to Belarus.

Against the backdrop of threats against Belarus from neighboring Ukraine, it became known that the Russian side carried out the transfer of a division of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 "Triumph" to the territory of Belarus. The Russian plane, which took off from Vnukovo airport, as reported by the Telegram-community of the Hunter's Notes, landed at a military airfield in Baranovichi.

Despite the absence of any official statements, the Telegram-community "Hunter's Notes" notes that the Belarusian side urgently requested from Russia the supply of S-400 "Triumph" complexes for deployment on the border with Ukraine due to threats to Minsk from the side of the latter.

“Today a heavy transport aircraft An-124 of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived from Vnukovo to the Baranovichi airbase in Belarus. It would seem that it was a standard flight, there were dozens of them. But here it seems to me something more interesting. The news feed for October 12 will help open the veil of secrecy, where it is written in black and white that Belarus urgently requested to organize the delivery of S-400 complexes under the concluded contract to protect the southern borders (areas bordering on Ukraine) "- reports "Telegram" community "Notes of the hunter."

So far, Belarusian sources have not provided any data on this matter. Experts believe that the transfer of Russian air defense systems to Belarus will significantly cool the ardor of Kiev and allow Russia to receive objective information about the situation in the airspace of neighboring Ukraine.

Why before our eyes? Have you been to Vnukovo? We saw a lot there from the terminal window, except for the runway and from a dozen planes?) And there are enough terminals so that tourists do not stare.

From Vnukovo? In front of tourists from all over the world !? Ha ha