Russia is negotiating with five countries on the supply of Su-57 fighters

Russia has begun negotiations on the first deliveries of Su-57 fighters abroad.

The Russian side began to negotiate with five countries at once on the sale of its fifth generation Su-57 fighters. As follows from the information provided by the Sohu news agency, all five potential buyers of Russian fifth generation fighters are Asian countries.

As follows from the information provided by the eastern media, Russia is currently negotiating the supply of fifth generation Su-57 fighters to countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. It is not known at what stage the negotiations are at the moment, however, experts believe that these states can purchase over 50 fifth generation Su-57 fighters.

“In fact, more and more countries are paying attention to the Su-57 fighters. However, some experts have analyzed that negotiations for the so-called Su-57 may be conducted with the aim of ridiculing the United States and bargaining with the Americans for themselves. Therefore, it is still unclear with whom Russia is negotiating, especially since this expensive fifth-generation car was purchased at national tenders. The aforementioned three countries of Southeast Asia have already reached serious agreements with the Su-57. These are Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia. The list can include Indonesia and Thailand "- reports the publication "Sohu".

Earlier it became known that the export version of the fifth generation fighter is ready for sale to other countries, however, the cost of one combat vehicle has not been officially disclosed, but according to unofficial data, one Russian-made combat aircraft will cost the future customer 120-180 million dollars.