Russia will return the shot Ukrainian warships

Russia agreed to transfer hijacked warships to Ukraine.

Information resources report that the Russian side intends to transfer three warships previously captured by Russian border guards while trying to break through Russia's territorial waters to the Kerch Strait. The transfer of three warships may take place over the next three weeks.

We are talking about three military courts - “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Kapu”, while, as noted by the source, the weapons and documentation on the captured ships will not be returned to official Kiev, since all this constitutes evidence that the Ukrainian military did carry out a provocation.

Given the available information, the transfer to the Ukrainian side of three warships may take place before December 9 of this year, i.e. before the meeting in the "Norman" format.

However, at the moment, there are no official comments on this score either from Russia or from Ukraine, however, the return of warships to Kiev could favorably affect the political relations between the two countries.

If there were shot ones, there would be nothing to return