Russia has again transferred Pantsir-S complexes to Libya. Video

Russian air defense systems took up the defense of the Libyan National Army.

The Russian military continues to strengthen the protection of the positions of the Libyan National Army by transferring air defense equipment to this country. We are talking about the Pantsir-S complexes, moreover, not about export options, but those that are in service with the Russian army, as evidenced by the appearance near the Libyan Sirte of the Pantsir-C1 air defense missile system based on the KAMAZ-6560 chassis.



On the presented video frames, you can see the passage of the military column of the Libyan National Army, at the head of which is moving the Russian-made Pantsir-C1 complex. The complex is supposed to provide cover for the positions of the Libyan National Army, the main forces of which are located in Sirte, and, according to the sources, today Sirte is under the protection of at least 8 Pantsir-S complexes, and this by no means all the air defense systems deployed in this area of ​​the North African state.

According to some reports, it is precisely because of the colossal defense measures of Sirte that neither the Turkish military nor the forces of the Libyan National Accord Government are trying to storm Sirte, where, by the way, numerous tactical missile systems equipped with ballistic missiles are also deployed, which allows the LNA without problems to attack even the ships of Turkey located several tens of kilometers from the territorial waters of Libya.