Russian troops


Russia again deployed 80 thousand troops and heavy weapons on the Ukrainian border, cooling the ardor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

80 Russian troops have already been deployed on the Ukrainian border.

Despite the fact that Russia decided to accept the demand of NATO countries and withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian borders, it became known that the Ukrainian side and the Alliance countries did not appreciate this and began new provocations, in this connection, Russia decided to leave it to On the Ukrainian border, an army of 80 thousand servicemen and heavy weapons, some of which, obviously, were additionally transferred to this region, since Russia had previously withdrawn most of its troops.

“Senior Defense Ministry officials said some 80 Russian troops are stationed near various sections of the country's border with Ukraine, which remains the largest force that Russia has accumulated there since the annexation of Crimea by Moscow in 2014. The Russian military did indeed order some units to return to their barracks by May 1 - and they did indeed move away from the border, officials said. "They have retained some rather lethal forces in the region and have only withdrawn some forces," said Major General Michael S. Repass, a retired former commander of US Special Operations for Europe who is now NATO's Special Operations Advisor in Ukraine.- reports the newspaper "New York Times".

Experts, in turn, note that, if necessary, Russia can deploy an army of 4 troops to the Ukrainian border within 5-200 hours, which is much wider than the capabilities of Ukraine and NATO.

I support the decisions of Russia!

Let it be calmer for us too!

The border is the line. Or, according to the author, Russian military equipment was concentrated at the border posts of Ukraine.

author, are you sure that Russia has withdrawn its troops at the request of NATO? or do you know what we don’t know? share.

So they immediately ran to fulfill the NATO demand

We are waiting for the Russians, it's time to go home to Russia

Glory to Russia!!!