Russia for the first time struck Syria with Iskander-K OTRK

The Russian military used the Iskander-K OTRK to attack Syria.

In order to promptly counter jihadists and illegal gangs in Syria, the Russian military used their Iskander-K tactical missile systems to strike at the militants. The corresponding video was at the disposal of the editorial staff of the news agency

On the presented video frames one can see the moment of the launch of the Iskander-K tactical missile system, as evidenced by the corresponding launch container. Earlier it was assumed that only Iskander complexes were deployed on the territory of Syria, however, apparently, the Russian military placed a modernized version of these OTRKs at the Khmeimim airbase.

Judging by the video footage taken from the unmanned aerial vehicle, we are talking about the repeated use of Iskander-K tactical missile systems, and although information on this matter has repeatedly appeared, including at the disposal of journalists, there is no information on this matter. once so confirmed and have not been.

Experts draw attention to the colossal destruction inflicted on jihadist targets by a single missile strike, which indicates that these Russian complexes are formidable weapons capable of striking both land and sea targets, despite criticism from a number of countries.

No one else lives in the village ...

The point is that the mark on the drone's camera is not an aiming mark. The rocket flies according to coordinates. All the comments that the accuracy of 20 percent is some kind of childish talk, got to the right place.

You can't go fast! There will be no one to test the new weapon.

They often write that they have dealt a powerful blow, that the destruction is colossal, etc., but the jihadists remain as they were. If the weapons are so good, why haven't they been completely destroyed yet?

Iskander can only shoot down Armenian apricots on trees.

you really can't believe us, it's true !!!

the drone is not aiming the missile, the drone is only needed for confirmation. And how can you say that you missed? Do you own the coordinates of the target? Do you have information about the mission of the missile ???

So they didn't get anywhere. It's like a tank biathlon.

Obliquely like that ...

not this way.
where the drone's sight shows, is not where it should go.

This video is on the website of the Ministry of Defense. And this is a collage of some kind from the Battle of Kulikovo or somewhere else.

Judging by the video, the accuracy is about 20%: the first missile missed by about 50 meters (almost hit another building), the second hit, and the last missiles did not hit the target at all. That's where the destruction of civilian buildings comes from.

Incorrect title. Russia did not strike at Syria, but at "jihadists and illegal gangs in Syria."

Not very accurate as it seemed to me, the building was never hit.