Russia lifted Ka-52M into the air for the first time - it will destroy a tank battalion in a matter of minutes

For the first time, the Russian military took the Ka-52M attack helicopter into the air.

The Russian Ka-52M attack helicopter, modernized on the basis of warfare in Syria. able, according to some sources, to easily deal with an entire tank battalion, made its first flight, which means that these combat vehicles will soon begin to enter service with the Russian army.

“The upgraded Ka-52M Alligator helicopter took off for the first time, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade reported. The first flight of a prototype of the newest modernized Ka-52 helicopter took place at AAK Progress named after NISazykin of the Russian Helicopters holding. and for export, "the Ministry of Industry and Trade said. The head of the department, Denis Manturov, called the modernized version of the Ka-52 "more advanced and reliable military equipment", the launch of which was allowed by large-scale reconstruction and technical re-equipment at the Arsenyev aircraft plant. "The missile armament of the Ka-52M is unified with the armament of another newest helicopter, the Mi-28NM, which has made it possible to significantly increase the range of destruction of targets," said Andrei Boginsky, general director of Russian Helicopters, quoted by the press service., - about it сообщает Russian news agency Interfax.

Thus, the modernized version of this combat vehicle has become an extremely powerful adversary, given the experience of the Russian military associated with testing the latest weapons in Syria, experts believe that soon the "Superaligators", as these rotary-wing vehicles were nicknamed, will also go to the Arab Republic. where there will be enough tasks for them.

The basic version of the Ka-52 helicopter has proven itself perfectly during its use in Syria, however, the experts took into account all the shortcomings and wishes and radically transformed this combat vehicle.

"Thanks to long-range missiles and a powerful sighting system, this combat vehicle can easily resist an entire tank battalion.", - the expert marks.

When the Ka-52M helicopter will begin to enter the troops, it is not specified.

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