Russia will first show a new version of the Su-57 fighter in just two weeks

The new version of the Russian Su-57 will be presented in just two weeks.

In less than two weeks, Russian designers and the military intend to present to the general public a new version of the fifth generation Su-57 fighter. We are talking about an export version, the capabilities of which will differ from the serial version of the Russian combat aircraft, moreover, it is important that the Su-57E version is intended for export, which indicates that in the period from February 3 to 5, Russia can officially the first customers of these fifth generation combat vehicles appear.

“The new Russian fifth generation fighter Su-57 may take part in the Aero India 2021 air show in Bangalore in early February. This event could be the debut for the Su-57 in South Asia. The fighter could replenish the aircraft fleet of the Indian Armed Forces, since the parties were negotiating on its production "- сообщает Russian news agency "TASS".

It is not known what exactly the export version of the Russian Su-57 fighter will represent, however, it is reported that the fighter can use foreign equipment, other components that provide "stealth" protection, etc.

It should be noted that the Russian military is also considering the possibility of creating a two-seat version of the Su-57, however, this project is designed to a greater extent for the future.

Why is everyone repeating like zombies about the aircraft of the Aerospace Forces, Aerospace Forces ?! Yes, a new type of the RF Armed Forces has appeared, where the Air Forces have come from. But they, that is, the Air Force exist, Karl. When we talk about tanks, for example, we are just tank troops (kind) in the Ground Forces. It is not necessary for the Ground Forces to recover just like that.

It turns out that the gypsies are on the 57th, and the VKS on the Su-27 and its modifications? Also sell the license And at the same time Armat and the technology together!

I am personally amazed at the awareness of some

More than 50 of them have already been purchased and production has begun. Two aircraft have already entered the Aerospace Forces

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For something you have 100 percent infa !!! Have you even been in the army?

This inf. is already out of date. In 2032 there will be 7 at once.

76 fighters have already been paid for by the Ministry of Defense, assembly has begun

even one copy was transferred to the VKS. Shame. Money is above the Motherland.

Su57 for videoconferencing will not be released. Instead, development of the 6th generation will begin. It should take off in 2030.

And what has already been forgotten is how the SU-30 appeared in our army, and it appeared through export.

The export policy is such that the price for 1 SU sold includes the cost of building the same SU for the VKS, i.e. the customer buys 2 planes, one for himself, one for us.

As expected. Our "top-managers-businessmen" from the UAC, such as Mr. Serdyukov, do not need the Su-57 in the Russian Aerospace Forces, but they need solid "money, export earnings and profit for dividends and reports. Therefore, they make export Su-57, T -14 "Armata" ... But they somehow forget about their own Armed Forces. They do not think that the capacities in Komsomolsk-on-Amur are simply not enough to produce fighters for their own Army and foreign customers. Real "patriots" of Russia. Of course The RF Armed Forces tested the Su-57, adopted it, even one copy was handed over to the Aerospace Forces. This is already an advertisement for this aircraft. Now let it pay off the labor shortages of responsible "top-managers-businessmen".
It's a shame. Will the Russian Armed Forces always be the "adopted son" ???

that is, in 11 years they have released two serial ones, and unfinished ones - without stealth cover, new engines and missiles, and now they have started a new one?))))))

It's great that an export version will be created. But it is desirable that our Air Force first of all receive into service several hundred of these machines.

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