Aircraft missile Product 305
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Russia first introduced a rocket under the name "Product 305" - its capabilities are impressive

Within the framework of the Army-2021 forum, the Russian military for the first time presented a missile under the name "Product 305".

This afternoon, within the framework of the Army-2021 forum, Russian developers presented for the first time an aircraft guided missile under the name Product 305. It is known that we are talking about both the basic version of the rocket and its export version, which confirms the information previously voiced by Avia. Journalists about the information that other countries are interested in purchasing the rocket.

The missile's combat performance is really impressive. Despite the fact that the effective range for hitting targets is only 14,5 kilometers, and its combat weight is approximately 25 kilograms, the missile is absolutely not susceptible to interception, since its flight height above the earth's surface is from 100 to 600 meters.

If necessary, the rocket can be controlled directly by the operator, thermal imaging sensors or from a satellite, and its capabilities allow equally effective fight against enemy manpower, armored vehicles, or destroy fortifications.

Taking into account the rather high potential of "Product 305", experts believe that in the near future Russia may conclude large contracts for the supply of this missile.

14,5 is 305E, only the export version is shown

the mountain gave birth to a mouse. How many conversations have there been that "product 305" will have a range of 25-30 km. And where are they? 14.5 km is slightly better than the old Vortex 1m. We spent so much time, but something did not work out. One hope for Hermes or "dive".

There will be not only a cartoon for you

And where is the cartoon ...