EW Palantine


Russia for the first time used one of the most secret Russian electronic warfare systems

It became known about the use of one of the latest and most secret Russian electronic warfare systems.

According to the data provided by the TASS news agency, the Russian military officially announced for the first time the use of the latest Russian electronic warfare and electronic suppression system Palantin. This system is one of the most long-range in the world and can disable enemy electronics at distances of up to one thousand kilometers, completely drowning the connection within its radius of action.

"The newest highly mobile EW complex of the operational and tactical level" Palantin "was first used to cover the interspecific grouping of troops in the south-west of Russia and will use protection from high-precision weapons and missile-cannon weapons of the" enemy "during the tactical design of the exercise", - the "TASS" informs.

It is noteworthy that earlier the use of this electronic warfare complex was not reported, however, this system has already been called a means to destroy NATO communications, since one such complex makes the multi-thousand-strong force grouping simply useless.

The author did not touch on the subject of the possession of the United States the main means of destroying Russia. Of course I admire the talents and talents of Russian gunsmiths. But still we must remember that it is not their products that determine victory in the political and economic confrontation on the world stage! The main question remains the question of the readiness of the country's leadership to order the use of all the power of Russian weapons in a critical situation for the country. Or is it another bluff to support the president’s “rating”? After all, it is impossible to hide the regrettable fact that the Russian "elite" has been transferring its tangible assets to banks and investments to foreign "partners" (beneficiaries) for 30 years. And their families there, in the grace of the "civilized west", indulge in the joys of life, learn and have fun, multiply and engage in profitable business. (An example is the Abramovich family, living on Russian resources in Israel). Favorite saying of the Great Democrat B. Yeltsin was: “Here, panmash, what a squiggle comes out” And it, as never before, is in place!