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Russia forced to ask Turkey to open airspace for Russian aircraft bound for Syria

Due to the airspace closed by Turkey, there were problems with the delivery of military personnel to Syria.

After Turkey officially announced about a month ago that it was completely closing its airspace to Russian civil and military aircraft flying to Syria, it became known that this led to a number of problems. According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, negotiations are currently underway between the Russian and Turkish sides to provide Russian military aircraft with access to Turkish airspace in order to proceed to Syria.

“Contacts continue. We think that our Turkish partners will make the right decision.”Bogdanov said.

Earlier, Turkey officially warned Russia that the permission for the entry of Russian aircraft into the airspace of the republic is no longer valid. At the same time, Turkey emphasized that there should be a clear parallel with the closure of the Bosphorus, where Russian warships are also not allowed, provided that they are not assigned to a port in the Black Sea.

What kind of problems the Russian side had with the closure of Turkish airspace is still unknown.