RK Topol-M


Russia launched its Topol-M ICBMs on patrol

The Russian military sent their Topol-M missile systems on patrols.

Against the background of NATO activity near the Russian borders, Russia has put its missile systems armed with Topol-M ICBMs on patrol. According to the information and news agency Avia.pro, installations armed with Topol-M ICBMs entered combat patrol routes near Tver.

It is reported that we are talking about a comprehensive exercise, within the framework of which the advancement of the PGRK to combat positions, as well as the movement from one position to another, is practiced, which is as close as possible to the real tactical actions of the Strategic Missile Forces in the event of a large-scale armed conflict.



According to some reports, in addition to patrolling and deploying on the ground, the crews of the Topol-M missile systems will also conduct training launches, within the framework of which large-scale strikes against enemy forces can be practiced.

Today, the Russian strategic forces are considered one of the most powerful and reliable in the world, while the Russian army is armed with modern means of countering the enemy.