Russia launched a unique submarine "Alrosa" into the Black Sea

A unique Russian submarine armed with Kalibr has been spotted in the Black Sea.

The Russian diesel-electric submarine Alrosa entered the waters of the Black Sea, which until 2013 was the only submarine in the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy. The current location of the Russian submarine remains unknown, however, given the fact that the submarine went on trial and the latter is armed with Caliber cruise missiles, the submarine may well be involved in a special operation.

It is known that the Russian diesel-electric submarine was modernized and received new combat qualities, however, their nature has not yet been disclosed. This is probably due to the fact that this submarine can become an extremely serious means of counteraction for a potential enemy.

According to a number of data, at the moment a diesel-electric submarine is located near the Crimea, however, it has not yet been possible to establish the authenticity of this information from satellite images.

How long the tests of the Russian diesel-electric submarine Alrosa will last is unknown. At the same time, so far there is no information that the latter is entering the Black Sea with weapons.