Russia blocks NATO ships off the western coast of Crimea

NATO ships were blocked off the western coast of Crimea.

The provocative military exercises conducted by the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance off the coast of Crimea forced Russia to take tough steps and block access to the ships of the North Atlantic Alliance to the western coast of Crimea. According to information available to the news agency Avia.pro, no-go zones were set up a few hours ago for any ships to appear. Any provocation near these areas, obviously, will be suppressed, including with the use of weapons.

As part of the Sea Breeze 2021 military exercises, it was planned to conduct military exercises near the territorial waters of Russia. The Russian side has introduced tough measures, banning foreign warships from appearing in a number of regions - here, according to preliminary data, Russian warships will also be deployed to ensure the security of Russian borders.

Nevertheless, experts believe that it is unlikely to do without provocations within the framework of military exercises, since several areas are in international waters. In this regard, foreign warships are likely to try to break through here, but at the same time Russia reserves the right to use electronic suppression, or organize its own military exercises using missile systems and real missile launches.