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Russia blocked the work of Israeli electronic warfare systems

For a month Israel has been unsuccessfully trying to jam the Syrian and Russian air defense systems in Syria.

The success of the Syrian air defense systems in repelling the strikes of the Israeli air force turned out to be in no way connected with the work of the Russian S-400 air defense systems, according to the Israel Defense Forces, trying to accuse Russia of breaking existing agreements. As it turned out, thanks to the intervention of the Russian military, against the background of the IDF ignoring the agreements between Israel and Russia, it was possible to completely block the normal operation of the Israeli electronic warfare systems, due to which the Israeli side previously managed to successfully hit targets in Syria.

According to data available to the news agency Avia.pro, Syrian air defense systems, including the S-300, Pantsir-S and Buk-M2E complexes, are indeed integrated with Russian air defense systems in the Arab Republic. Nevertheless, the Syrian air defense systems operate independently, and it was possible to increase the effectiveness of repelling Israeli missile strikes, including stealth missiles, thanks to the complete blocking of Israeli electronic warfare systems. It is argued that there is no direct impact on Israeli electronic countermeasures, however, the frequencies of the radars of the Syrian air defense systems have been further changed. As a result, the effectiveness of the IDF's use of electronic suppression complexes turned out to be zero.

Experts note that the Syrian air defense systems really began to detect Israeli missiles immediately at the time of their launch. This is indicated by the fact that even missiles with low radar signature are shot down already on the border of Syria and Lebanon, and missiles released by Syrian air defense systems continue to chase Israeli fighters even in the airspace of Lebanon and Israel itself.

After such results in conflicts, the "allies" run to negotiate the deliverance of the good relations of Russia with the sole purpose of causing all kinds of harm to the RUSSIANS.

trying to accuse Russia of breaking existing agreements ???

Thor 1, and your taxpayers do not pay for what you do in Syria, or is Uncle Sam giving you money for these dirty deeds?)

Here are the most "advanced" technologies of the God-Chosen, even if you do not hear laudatory odes to the glory of their weapons, and laughter at our "soviet"

Of course, why shouldn't the Syrian missilemen shoot at someone else's expense "in the white world, like a pretty penny." If they paid for them, as Russian taxpayers pay, then they would fall.



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