Airbase of Tijas


Russia blocked Israeli strikes on central Syria

Russia has decided to block further Israeli strikes against the Tiyas airbase in central Syria.

The Russian side intends to transfer its military aviation and significant forces to the Tiyas airbase in central Syria. This will be in response to Israeli attacks on the region. Information on this matter was announced by the Israeli newspaper "NZIV", citing information provided by sources in the Israel Defense Forces.

According to the Israeli side, the deployment of Russian forces at the Tiyas airbase is connected with the intentions to oust Iran from the region. According to other sources, Russian and Iranian forces will operate jointly at the airbase.

“Russia intends to reconsider the deployment of its forces when it comes to its presence in eastern and central Syria and has begun to demonstrate a military presence not only along the border with Iraq in eastern Syria. Russia has decided to drive out the Iranians from the airfields, which are constantly attacked by unidentified aircraft, which, according to the Syrians, are Israeli. Russian forces have taken new steps to increase their presence in the city of Palmyra ", - said in the published material of the edition "NZIV".

The appearance of the Russian military at the Tiyas airbase may be related precisely to the need to ensure the security of the air borders of the Arab republic. At the same time, long-range air defense systems may well appear here to repel possible attacks.

Philip! Have you heard Putin's speech? He said the placement of NTAO in Ukraine, for us, this is the transition of the red lines. For Israel, the deployment of Iranian forces in Syria is the same. Why do you condemn Israel?

Syria can be secured and will be able to maintain its sovereignty only by the forces of 3 military forces: its own Syrian army, Russian Aerospace Forces, and Iranian volunteer formations. Israel is strong by American planes, the dollar cord across the Atlantic, but is behaving extremely aggressively, arrogantly.

Yugoslavia would be so protected ...

If Russia crowds out Iran, it will have to harness itself instead of it.

Will Israel be taught a lesson.

If Russia drives out the Iranians from the air bases, then Israel will not bomb these bases, since there are no enemies of Israel on them.

will the sultan be taught a lesson



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