Ka-52 helicopter strike


Russia used Ka-52 helicopters to attack Idlib

The Russian Aerospace Forces began to use Ka-52 assault helicopters for strikes on Idlib.

After numerous strikes by Russian fighters and bombers on the southern part of the Syrian province of Idlib, as a result of which the pro-Turkish jihadists suffered very serious losses, it became known that the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces group had used its Ka-52 attack helicopters for the first time in a long time to attack the positions of the militants. in the province of Idlib. This allows us to assert that Russia has begun to methodically cleanse the region from the remnants of the militants, leaving the latter not the slightest chance to resist the forces of the SAA.



The above image shows a pair of Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters, which are said to have been spotted over the southern part of Idlib province. There are no official comments from the Russian military command on the territory of the SAR by the current hour. It is noteworthy that the Ka-52 helicopters could be used to destroy key terrorist hideouts, since it became known earlier that the Russian army, Syrian troops and pro-Iranian forces would begin a large-scale attack on the positions of the jihadists next week.

Earlier, one of the Russian Ka-52 helicopters was spotted over Syrian Raqqa, allegedly inspecting the positions of pro-American groups in northern Syria and monitoring the movement of a convoy of military and construction equipment (logistic convoy - ed.) Of the United States, arrived from neighboring Iraq.