Coronavirus in Russia


Russia ranked fifth in the world in mortality from coronavirus

Russia is rapidly becoming a leader in mortality from coronavirus.

According to official statistics, over the past day in the Russian Federation a new record was set for mortality from coronavirus - according to the morning of May 24, 2020, 153 deaths were detected in the country, which, according to statistics from other countries, according to information on 18 hours, indicates that Russia occupies 5th place in the world in mortality from coronavirus, inferior to countries such as the United States, Brazil, Mexico and India.

Despite the fact that, compared to peak values, the number of new cases of coronavirus in Russia fell by 30-40%, mortality almost doubled, which causes very serious concern.

“In almost all countries where a decline in coronavirus is recorded, a decline in mortality is also recorded, however, at the moment, in Russia there is a directly opposite situation”- draws attention to the analyst.

It should be noted that Russia is in 17th place in terms of total mortality from coronavirus - the total number of deaths in Russia is 3541, and judging by the rate of mortality, Russia will overtake Sweden, which did not enter territory of the country quarantine measures.

Bullshit! Mortality in the disease is considered as% of the sick. And it is written about the absolute numbers. It is interesting which of them is not literate: the author of the article or the "analyst". Or both of them are just "blameless."

Why be surprised - doctors who are only capable of registering as victims of COVID-19. Two of my friends offered their
deceased relatives apply for COVID-19 for money. And not only in my region it is practiced.