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Russia bans Turkey from selling its S-400s to the USA

Russia has banned the sale of S-400 to Turkey.

The official representative of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia, Maria Vorobyeva, said in an interview with RBC that Russia forbids Turkey from selling S-400 systems to the United States. According to Vorobyova, Turkey cannot make such a deal without the official permission of Russia, as a result of which there are no threats to disclose the secrets of Russian weapons.

“In order to export military products, the buyer of our equipment must provide the Russian side with an end-user certificate. Therefore, its transfer or re-export to third countries without the official permission of the Russian side is impossible ”- said Maria Vorobyova.

Nevertheless, analysts call such a ban only a formality, and much more remarkable is the fact that Turkey may ultimately refuse to repay the loan for the purchase of these complexes.

“It is important to understand that we are talking about two countries that may not comply with Russian requirements or bans. Earlier, China had already faced such a problem, which, by the way, warned Russia about possible problems of close cooperation with Turkey. Moreover, Russia is unlikely to be able to oppose Ankara, since in this case it will easily lose its passage through the Bosphorus ”, - the analyst notes.

In Turkey itself, the sale of Washington to the Russian S-400 has not yet been commented.