Russia spoke out harshly about NATO's intentions to send troops to Ukraine

The deployment of NATO forces in Ukraine will lead to a brutal reaction from Russia.

Against the background of an official request from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the deployment of large NATO forces in the east and south of the country, without explaining any reasons for this, the Russian side declared its readiness to brutally suppress any actions of the Alliance related to the deployment of its troops near Crimea and in the western Russian Ukrainian border.

According to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, NATO's actions cause very serious concern and Russia will have to take the most stringent measures to protect its own interests.

“Including, in my opinion, there was also a statement from the British military that they were ready to send their units there, and not only training ones, but also combat ones. Of course, this is what worries us extremely, this is what we do not like and this is what makes us take some measures to protect our own interests, to insure against what is happening ", - said Dmitry Peskov in an interview with "RT"

To date, Russia has already deployed an army of almost 200 thousand people near the Ukrainian border (according to the United States - editor's note). If NATO aggravates the situation, the number of troops can be additionally increased in this direction to 350-400 thousand servicemen, not to mention the transfer of additional tactical and strategic aviation assets.

Only now I have a suspicion that you, Ayaleksandr, have nothing to do with these Russians. Too pretentious and pointless, and even on the Russian site.

Well, if you, the Russians living in the "occupied" territories, feel so bad, then what prevents you from moving to Russia. We have a compatriot resettlement program for you. Welcome.

We are Russians in the western-occupied territory of the Outskirts and the Baltic States and we bury our relatives without a war when Russians are deprived of their livelihoods, when local Nazi doctors "heal" Russian pensioners to death and maim Russian children.

The redeployment of units to the borders of Ukraine in winter is fraught with great difficulties in everyday life. Life in tents, even in winter, is a certain extreme.

So we will solve them soon

Andrew, you can't see beyond your nose.

Is it really in this case that Russia will use two of its most terrible weapons at once: regret and anxiety

Dear commentators! There are many people here who really want war. Who of you really fought? I fought in Chechnya. Has anyone among you informed your family about the death of their children? I've had to - I won't wish it on anyone. Where does this bravado come from?

Yes, for sure. Everything is just "words, words, words ..." And people are dying in Donbass.

gas, oil, electricity, if you need to sho yourself.

Strengthening its own security, the internal affair of Ukraine. How she organizes this should not worry anyone. And the fact that this fact causes irritation, anxiety and fear of the kosh or is their problem;

Yeah Russia will express the most severe concern)

He who has ears, let him hear! Canada, for example, with its large Ukrainian diaspora, Ukrainian lobby and ethnic Ukrainian foreign minister, has already heard. For which Kiev was immediately "anathematized" by initiating the severance of diplomatic relations with it and imposing sanctions due to "going over to the side of Russia"

NATO is great!

Russia has expressed serious concern about the behavior of its partners.

What to insure against?

NATO stubbornly climbs on the rampage! A little more and the 3rd world will begin ...

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