Coronavirus in an airplane


Russians vaccinated with Sputnik V vaccine may not be allowed to enter the airport

Russians may not be allowed into foreign airports if they were vaccinated with Sputnik V.

Vice-President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Alexander Osaulenko made a statement in which he said that vaccination with the Russian drug Sputnik V could negatively affect Russian tourists - the latter may simply not be allowed to foreign airports, due to the fact that this vaccine is not has been certified.

“It is possible that a certificate of vaccination with a Russian drug will not be recognized as sufficient for the entry of tourists to some states. So far, the vaccine developed in Russia is not recognized by everyone, just as our country may not recognize foreign drugs. Unfortunately, in this case, the problem is formed not so much by a scientific or medical component as by a political one. ", - said Osaulenko.

At the moment, there are no such prerequisites, however, given the attempts of the West to promote their vaccine, as well as political intrigues, Russians who were vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine, as well as those who were not vaccinated with this vaccine, may simply not be allowed into a number of states, forcing return to the country.

Nevertheless, Osaulenko also expressed the hope that this will not happen, since every country understands the consequences of such actions.

It does not matter who, how, what and where was grafted. The most important thing is the amount of antibodies.

No vaccine in the world has yet passed the third stage of testing and is not "certified". And "registration" is a strong-willed politicized act. Similarly, you can arrange for the "registration" of anything and anyone on any basis and for any purpose.