Vaccination in the army


Russians complain about coercion to vaccinate against coronavirus

Has voluntary coronavirus vaccination become mandatory?

The Russian news outlet Baza reported that citizens of the Russian Federation began to complain that they were forcibly sent for mandatory vaccination against coronavirus. Due to the fact that some citizens do not trust the Russian vaccine, the latter category complains about the fact that they are forced to take this step under external pressure.

“A number of employees of Russian departments and organizations complain that they are forced to undergo vaccination by order. According to Baza's sources, such orders were received by employees of some departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health in the regions of Russia and employees of various social institutions. Orders for such a method of vaccination are not drawn up in writing and are transmitted orally to employees. People are told the date and time, as well as the addresses of the organizations where they must volunteer to receive the desired vaccination. Heads of departments are obliged to voluntarily report to their superiors on the number of subordinates who voluntarily went through this procedure. In some cases, the punishment for refusing to vaccinate is reportedly firing. ", - informs an information resource.

What exactly is the reason for the reluctance of certain categories of citizens to be vaccinated is unknown, however, experts believe that this may be caused by criticism of the Russian vaccine, as well as several well-known cases when the vaccine actually did not work - vaccinated medical workers still contracted coronavirus infection.

Earlier it became known that the active stage of vaccination also began in the Russian troops, however, no results were reported on this score.

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