Passengers at the airport


Russians bought all preferential air tickets to Kaliningrad, the Crimea and the Far East

All preferential air tickets to Crimea, Kaliningrad and the Far East are sold out.

As noted by representatives of Russian air carriers, citizens in advance preferred to purchase air tickets, and today, to fly to the Crimean peninsula, to Kaliningrad and the Far East can only be for the full cost, which in comparison with preferential prices is very expensive.

At the moment, 8 of Russian air carriers from 36 Russian cities fly to the Crimea, at the same time, almost always the aircraft load is not less than 70%, which shows the interest and prospects of further development of air communication with the Crimea.

Among other things, a lively interest among passengers manifests itself in the direction of Kaliningrad, as well as the cities of the Far East.


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