Russian nuclear submarine, with more than a hundred missiles on board, entered the Baltic Sea

Russia has decided to respond to NATO in response to provocations at its borders.

A Russian submarine armed with more than a hundred cruise missiles entered the Baltic Sea. The accidental discovery of a Russian nuclear submarine led to panic, as the combat capabilities of the Russian Project 949A Antey submarine are more than enough to destroy even superior enemy forces and at the same time ensure their own safety.

The appearance of a Russian nuclear submarine in the Baltic Sea was especially violently commented on by the American military analyst H. Sutton

“These are massive and expensive submarines, each costing about half an aircraft carrier. They were the second largest submarines ever built, second only to Project 971 Typhoon, until Belgorod was launched, which, however, is somehow based on the Antey hull. ", - he said.

In fact, the appearance of the Russian nuclear submarine of Project 949A "Antey" in the Baltic Sea is planned. Apparently, this creates a very serious discomfort for NATO, since there are enough missiles on the Russian submarine to destroy the largest military bases and facilities within a radius of several hundred kilometers.

I agree) I live in Tallinn. I wanted, today, to swim in the bay, until I reached the depths, I ended up almost in Finke. So there is nothing to do for such * handsome men * in the Baltic. And why? it's not far from us, and these * fish * won't have any work anyway)

I speak as a person who served on the 205p project in the Baltic .. Nuclear submarines have never been and will not be in the Baltic because of the shallow depths .. The Baltic is a puddle. an aircraft-carrying cruiser Kiev entered the exercise summer 83, stood and left. he has nowhere to turn around ... Complete LIE.

A beautiful fish, but there are not enough rockets. Such beauty should carry at least five hundred mini-missiles of different classes ... In the early 60s of the 20th century, there were such developments ... As long as Russia does not use radical methods to solve the problems presented by Western "friends", there will be no progress in the development and prosperity of the whole world .. ...

There are no missiles on it, she goes to the parade in Kronstadt

Yes, she's probably going to the parade

There is no way to remake the Sharks for calibers and zircons, it would be a projection of power that is needed, a couple of hundred would definitely be placed, but this is only standardization and interchangeability among the Americans ... And we have a new rocket - a new boat ..

By the way, why did the boat even wander there !? Scratching the bottom of the Danish straits ?! Baltic:
"Average depth 55 m (180 ft)
Maximum. depth 459 m (1,506 ft) "

Even with torpedoes, only a hundred are scraped up)) And "more than a hundred" from where?
From Florida?

Beguiled with Ohio)))
The American nuclear submarine Florida (USS Florida (SSGN 728)), which was to replenish supplies at the Souda Bay base on the Greek island of Crete, went on patrol in the Eastern Mediterranean, follows from the monitoring data of the western marine resources.

Florida is equipped with 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of 1,6 km. She is one of four American Ohio-class submarines that have been converted from strategic nuclear missile submarines to carry cruise missiles.

Are you jealous?

Exactly "from where" ?! Even if the above-water troughs of the Russian Federation do not have such an amount :)

Well, we can build an order, not even just one launch, then it should also be a salvo from under the water, maybe?

They have long been talking about the project of modernizing Anthea from Granites to Calibers.
Whether such a project was implemented - I do not remember that there were such messages ..

Rearmament from granites to calibers.

The authors of the article know better, they are on this boat)))

The ammunition includes 8-12 rocket-torpedoes and torpedoes of 650 mm caliber and 16 torpedoes of 533 mm caliber.
Upgraded nuclear submarines of Project 949AM "Antey" will have up to 2020 missiles "Caliber" or "Onyx", as well as anti-ship missiles "Zircon" by 72.

Where are more than a hundred missiles on the pr.949A (M) nuclear submarine from?



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