Russian nuclear submarine escaping from American ships in the Atlantic, already off the coast of the United States

A Russian nuclear submarine hiding from NATO ships in the Atlantic Ocean, already off the coast of the United States.

Earlier, information resources reported that NATO ships tried to start tracking the Russian nuclear submarine and even worked out its pursuit, however, the latter successfully escaped from them, entering the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Judging by the direction of advance and the elapsed time, the Russian nuclear submarine, armed with nuclear warheads, is already off the coast of the United States, successfully completing its assigned tasks and remaining unnoticed by American intelligence.

“The US Navy has thrown large forces in search of a nuclear-powered Russian submarine that has entered the Atlantic. <...> When a nuclear attack submarine entered the Atlantic Ocean, it seemed to dissolve in it ", - reported earlier the information publication "Sohu".

Given the fact that this happened at the end of April, by now the Russian nuclear submarine has already fully reached the coastal zone of the United States, while there are a number of assumptions that the Russian submarine may be located near the coast of Cuba, where, by the way, relatively recently flights of American military reconnaissance aircraft, obviously quite expecting the appearance of a Russian submarine here.

"The fact that Russian nuclear submarines can be located 20 kilometers from the American coast clearly worries Washington, but the Russian submarine forces still remain inaccessible to the United States - it is simply impossible to find a submarine in such a vast area.", - the expert marks.


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