The Russian army will be increased to 2 ​​people

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the staffing level of the Russian Armed Forces (RF Armed Forces) is set at 2 ​​people. In accordance with this document, the number of military personnel has been increased by 209 thousand and now amounts to 130 people.

The Russian Ministry of Defense explained that the increase in the size of the army will be gradually implemented at the expense of citizens willing to serve under a contract. The department said that this decision is a response to the increasing aggressive activities of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) and the growing threats to Russia associated with the conduct of a special military operation in Ukraine and the ongoing expansion of NATO.

The Ministry of Defense also emphasized that there are no plans to significantly increase the conscription of citizens for compulsory military service, and mobilization is not envisaged.

This decision to increase the size of the Russian Armed Forces underscores Russia's desire to strengthen its defense capabilities in the context of current international and regional challenges.


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